Community Information

Role Hierarchy [Seniority Based]

APPRENTICE ( >3 months)

Apprentice; a beginner at something.

INDOMITABLE (3+ months)

Indomitable; impossible to subdue or defeat.

Ꝋᴠ϶ᴙᴌᴏꭆᴆˢ (1+ year)

Overlord; a ruler, especially a feudal lord.

ᶌᵻʑᵻᶓᶉˢ (2+ years)

Vizier; was the highest official in ancient Egypt to serve the pharaoh (king) during the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms.

CROWNED HEAD (Moderators)

Crowned Head; a king or queen.

CHIEF (Board Members)

Chief; a leader or ruler of a people or clan.

Rules; [Subject to change.]

ALL RULES are enforced by a THREE strike system. Warning, Kick, Ban.Do Good.